Welcome to BROWZERZ and the start of your eyebrow transformation.

Here at BROWZERZ we are committed to providing the highest quality care, service and treatment throughout your beauty enhancing journey. We are passionate about what we do and take huge pride in our brand and our work and this is evident from our results and client feedback.

We believe that your eyebrows are the most important accessory you can own. They accentuate and influence every feature of your face and are vital in enhancing your natural beauty.
Some people are blessed with beautiful eyebrows and others are not – but most importantly, now with microblading (Eyebrow Embroidery), everybody can have them!

Microblading, unlike other methods of semi-permanent make up application, creates the eyebrows by applying each individual stroke with a hand tool and pigment, the results of which create the illusion of real hair and naturally full and defined eyebrows.

Our inspiration is that every single person who comes through our doors, leave feeling beautiful, confident and the best version of themselves